Cat Climbing Trees are Fun

Cats are natural climbers. This helps them to escape their predators that cannot climb as high as they can. Moreover, while up there they are able to clearly see their surrounding a fact that makes them very happy. On the other hand, while climbing the cats exercise thereby maintaining a good health as well as keeping their claws in perfect shape.

Unfortunately, due to their big claws while climbing on coaches or dining tables they may scratch them leaving their marks. Conversely, cats usually use the legs, cushion or arms of the coach and carpets to scratch their claws leaving unwanted marks. Therefore, to curb this it is crucial for cat owners to buy a cat climbing tree.

A Cat Condo

A cat climbing tree is a condo that is designed for a cat to play, jump and rest on. It is a structure that can be placed inside the house. It provides a comfortable place for cats to sleep on without being disturbed or chased away by their predators.

The climbing tree also provides a perfect alternative for cats to use for scratching.

Some of the platforms of the climbing tree are tied with sisal rope for the cat to pull and scratch its claws on as well as play with.

Other ends contain unfinished wood, burlap or carpet for the cats to scratch on.

Moreover, the climbing trees enable cats to effectively stretch something that they really love doing.

Types of Cat Tree

There are various types of climbing trees in the market, similarly, individuals can build a cat climbing tree in a myriad of designs. For example, the cat tree may contain hanging ropes, tunnels, trunks, swinging platforms, stairs and limbs. The cat houses are also available in a wide array of colors, shapes and styles to choose from. Individuals therefore have the choice of selecting a climbing tree that suits the preference of their cats as well as rhymes with the color scheme and style of the house. In addition, climbing trees are designed in different heights for individuals to choose the best for their pet. Old cats rarely climb very high therefore they require shorter tree houses than the young cats.

Size Can be an Issue

However, before buying a cat climbing tree it is important to consider the available size of the space in the house. It is of no use buying a cat house that is too big to fit in the secluded space. The second factor to consider is the placement of the cat house.

Most cats prefer to stay in the living room together with the other family members while a few spend their times in the closet, attic or unused rooms in the house. Therefore, the cat tree should be placed in a location that is most desirable to the cat for it to be functional.

Lastly, it is vital to do an intense market research to find the most affordable price. In most instances, online pet stores are cheaper because they offer a plethora of discounts and promotions to the products they supply. This enables them to entice more customers.

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