Better Office Cubicles

If you spend your working days sitting in a cubicle, you may have developed strong opinions regarding the pros and cons of this very popular office feature. If you are like most cubicle occupants, you have probably taken some time to personalize the space in one way or another. Here is an example of someone who has taken that idea to an extreme!

A welcoming office cubicle

Whether you see your cubical as a prison, or a welcome relief from distracting office mates, you probably never considered how much thought has gone in to the production of your home away from home as professionals consider things like corporate interior design. If you are not a fan of the traditional boring designs, there is good news. Modern interior design has finally come to the office.

New designs meant to maintain productivity while moving away from the old mundane standards have arrived. Now you just need to convince the person in charge of buying for the office to invest in some new cubicles!

This may seem silly, but there is actually quite a lively market for used office cubicle furniture, so someone is buying and selling these things! Accessories for office cubicles are also growing in popularity. It only makes sense that people would want to personalize the space that some spend one third of their adult lives in.

Productivity in an endeavor springs from the attitude of the people to pursue their aims and succeed in achieving them. This attitude to surge forward and strive hard is affected by a number of factors such as the passion of the person, the vision of the company and the collaboration of everyone involved to attain the goals of the whole company as well as to surmount their corporate competition.

What influences these factors on a more fundamental level is the corporate environment in which the employers and employees’ professional lives actually play out.

The well designed professional office space must resemble a career haven as well as a productive melting pot of fresh and pioneering business ideas. A person who works in a pleasant corporate setting will do his job efficiently, providing his best performance on a day to day basis which in a general and holistic scale is more likely to make the company prosper.

One of the most essential and perhaps, the busiest part of a corporate office is the general office area. This is where the basic work happens, the hub of the employees and supervisors who dedicate a minimum of eight hours per day, five days per week of their lives in order for the company to run at a steady yet progressive pace. It is a crucial aspect of corporate office design to focus on the most effective and the most efficient plan for this area.

The layout should accommodate the employees’ private work space as well as the accessible collaboration of these employees on group discussions and planning. The aisles should be wide, a minimum of 1.2 meters so that people can pass with minimal obstruction in traffic flow. It must provide ample space for furnishings, office equipment and utilities such as photocopy machines, scanners, common internet stations, etc.

The spaces should be appropriately divided with minimal partitions so that supervision and circulation can be manageable. The placement of the office cubicles should be according to corporate hierarchy and ease of office communication.

Each office cubicle should cater to the needs of the individual employees for a semi-private work station that will allow them to go about their jobs with ease and efficiency.

Office cubicle design

The original office cubicle design

The origin of the first office cubicle is credited to Mr. Robert Probst in 1968. He revolutionized the design of the cubicle by making it movable and flexible therefore changing the earlier perception of the corporate world that people working in the office should be segregated in their permanent location through their professional status.

Loose desks and cabinets back then were distributed linearly, void of divisions and they were rarely moved which made the past offices run in a systematic yet rigid approach. It offered little in the way of privacy to the employees and resulted in frequent distractions and inefficient work collaboration.

Since this type of office didn’t work well, a new type emerged in the form of office cubicles. They can be moved easily when layouts have to be changed or redecoration or renovation of the office is required. The equipment and supplies of the office can be laid out properly near office cubicles without distracting the work of the employees because the space will be divided by partitions.

Getting sent to the corner might not be too bad with this nice looking set-up.

Each office cubicle is a flexible work station that provides a semi-private atmosphere for the employee. There is ample amount of storage for files, office supplies and personal belongings of the occupant since cubicles not only have horizontal surfaces to utilize for such a purpose but also vertical surfaces that can be adorned by shelves and cabinets.

The most employee-friendly advantage of office cubicle dividers is the provision of areas and surfaces to personalize. Aside from the traditional desk where they can put their computers, gadgets and even personal frames, the walls of the cubicles can also be decorated by pictures, notes of to-do lists, cork boards, and scrap boards.

The typical wall partition is about 1.5 to 1.8 meters high so in addition to not being completely visible while working on your desk, it also gives you plenty of opportunities to stack on creative ideas to make your office space reflect your personal tastes and preferences.

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Cat Climbing Trees are Fun

Cats are natural climbers. This helps them to escape their predators that cannot climb as high as they can. Moreover, while up there they are able to clearly see their surrounding a fact that makes them very happy. On the other hand, while climbing the cats exercise thereby maintaining a good health as well as keeping their claws in perfect shape.

Unfortunately, due to their big claws while climbing on coaches or dining tables they may scratch them leaving their marks. Conversely, cats usually use the legs, cushion or arms of the coach and carpets to scratch their claws leaving unwanted marks. Therefore, to curb this it is crucial for cat owners to buy a cat climbing tree.

A Cat Condo

A cat climbing tree is a condo that is designed for a cat to play, jump and rest on. It is a structure that can be placed inside the house. It provides a comfortable place for cats to sleep on without being disturbed or chased away by their predators.

The climbing tree also provides a perfect alternative for cats to use for scratching.

Some of the platforms of the climbing tree are tied with sisal rope for the cat to pull and scratch its claws on as well as play with.

Other ends contain unfinished wood, burlap or carpet for the cats to scratch on.

Moreover, the climbing trees enable cats to effectively stretch something that they really love doing.

Types of Cat Tree

There are various types of climbing trees in the market, similarly, individuals can build a cat climbing tree in a myriad of designs. For example, the cat tree may contain hanging ropes, tunnels, trunks, swinging platforms, stairs and limbs. The cat houses are also available in a wide array of colors, shapes and styles to choose from. Individuals therefore have the choice of selecting a climbing tree that suits the preference of their cats as well as rhymes with the color scheme and style of the house. In addition, climbing trees are designed in different heights for individuals to choose the best for their pet. Old cats rarely climb very high therefore they require shorter tree houses than the young cats.

Size Can be an Issue

However, before buying a cat climbing tree it is important to consider the available size of the space in the house. It is of no use buying a cat house that is too big to fit in the secluded space. The second factor to consider is the placement of the cat house.

Most cats prefer to stay in the living room together with the other family members while a few spend their times in the closet, attic or unused rooms in the house. Therefore, the cat tree should be placed in a location that is most desirable to the cat for it to be functional.

Lastly, it is vital to do an intense market research to find the most affordable price. In most instances, online pet stores are cheaper because they offer a plethora of discounts and promotions to the products they supply. This enables them to entice more customers.

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Discount Living Room Furniture

Discount Living Room Furniture

It is always wise to invest in quality furniture whether you are searching for vintage furniture or only modern interior designs. You cannot just walk into a furniture store and pick the most expensive sofa that appeals to you. The experience is unlike shopping for clothes where you find something beautiful and purchase it on impulse without even trying it on.

It is however, somewhat similar to shopping for clothes if you are the type who examines the merchandise thoroughly before buying it; trying it on inside the dressing room, scrutinizing the hems and linings, contemplating on its harmony to the rest of your wardrobe and asking yourself if the price is indeed reasonable.

The latter kind of shopping is the one that applies most appropriately to purchasing furniture. Sometimes, you must mull over your decision overnight or longer than that to determine if the furniture piece you had in mind is the most suitable one for your home.

The living room is commonly the most frequented area in the house. The furniture pieces found here are the ones that are used often, and just like any other furniture in your home, it is bound to wear out with continuous use. You must always take into account quality and durability when buying furniture pieces for the living room such as sofas, armchairs and coffee tables.

There are plenty of displays in furniture showrooms, in home stores and on the internet, but choosing the right piece of furniture that you will like, one that will suit the interior scheme of the area, satisfy your personal requirements and fit into your budget, is a challenging endeavor.

Normally, you prepare a substantial amount of money for a long period of time so that you can purchase the sofa of your dreams but if by unfortunate circumstance, your current sofa’s frame breaks and you need to replace it immediately, then stay calm and avoid the impulse to buy the first item that you find. If you are dealing with a tight budget in a rough time, hang in there.

The remedy is not too difficult to find. There are furniture suppliers in stores and on-line that can provide you a wide selection of quality discount living room furniture that you can consider and pick from.

Selecting the best discount living room furniture

When you need to buy good quality and inexpensive furniture pieces, you have to broaden your horizon with regard to your options. Some of the furniture brands offer remarkable furniture pieces that resemble the more expensive versions found in leading furniture stores. Let’s call it the look for less. Look for brands that offer quality furniture pieces with reasonable prices.

It is less expensive if you buy furniture pieces in their showrooms rather than in large malls and purely commercial districts because these places are charged for rent and they naturally have to increase the prices of their merchandise. The factory prices are lower and you can be able to look for more designs because they have a wider selection compared to mall branches that primarily gets their stocks in the factories.

Search for sofas and armchairs whenever there’s a sale in major furniture stores and department stores. You could find high end furniture pieces with big discounts during this time. You do have to be informed early though because you might miss the good ones if you’re late. Keep an eye out for sales on the internet, television and newspapers.

Look for discount living room furniture sets on-line. They display images of the actual furniture pieces with product descriptions that include features, fabrics, frame materials, etc. The prices are also shown and you can contact the supplier to learn if they have an actual showroom that you can visit to examine the merchandise thoroughly.

If in case they don’t have one then you’ll just have to wait for the actual product to be delivered into your place. Just make sure that you have agreed upon return policies in the event that you find something undesirable about the furniture piece you ordered.

You can do a very comprehensive search by checking out the sites of popular furniture brands that offer the best quality furniture at discounted prices or go directly to sites that present a wide selection of discount sofas, armchairs, lounge chairs, coffee tables, etc.  Some of the designs displayed may have been the reproduced versions of famous classic furniture pieces that you want to have in your own home.

They could also be original furniture designs that are unique and stylish that other leading furniture brands do not have. You could purchase them and create a different and one-of-a-kind look in your living room.

Shopping at large online sites like Amazon can bring big discounts.  They do not have the overhead costs of showrooms to worry about, and they can offer low prices because they deal in such enormous volumes.

How about buying them in sets or in bulk in one store so you can make the most of big discounts? Some furniture stores offer packages for the purchase of living room furniture sets. Just be cautious when you are deciding because you might just be lured by the low prices and end up buying the entire set when you only need an armchair.

You might reason out that perhaps you might need the other furniture pieces in the future, but if you will only store them in the garage or the attic, you might as well not accept the offer in the first place.

Look for ready to assemble furniture pieces that are cheaper than their assembled counterparts. This is only if you are actually able to complete the assembly on your own.  For some people, paying extra for having the furniture put together is well worth the price.

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