A Brief Look At Vent Free Gas Heaters

ventless gas heaters

You may be able to discern a theme running through the articles on this blog so far. We had a look at kitchen appliances and kitchen design and now we are looking at ways to sensibly heat your home if your conventional options are a little bit limited.

We intend to continue to look at options for improving our living environments and making our lives easier with lifehacks and other easy options in the home.

What Are These Ventless Gas Heaters

Ventfree gas heaters technology is getting very popular with many homes and it seems to be a preferred choice compared to other conventional gas home heaters especially when they lived in very cold countries. People who prefer gas heaters always tend to want vent-free gas heater because such home gas heaters are more efficient. The best reason for this is that there is little fuel being wasted when used.

It’s worth saying that sometimes the installation of a gas supply may be problematic. In such a case, it is worth remembering that all is not lost. There are a wide range of electric fireplaces available that look almost as realistic and can be installed very easily without the need for anything other than a power outlet nearby. If you are interested in something like this then there is a good selection in this article here.

Of course, it may be that neither is suitable. In such a case we recommend buying an infrared heater. Recently there has been a move for infrared heaters to be made to look like small cabinets which look great tucked away until needed. Again, there are lots of options to choose from and we suggest you at least check them out if you are finding the prospect of gas installation a worry.

As the name already suggests, gas heaters that are ventless gas heaters do not need any vent to let the air out making it good natural gas heaters. Instead these gas heaters run on gas and oxygen which are trapped in the surrounding room area. They are therefore very different from other gas heaters which vent out air into the surrounding. They are more efficient heaters when compared to other heaters like indoor propane heater which may not be ventless heater.

ventless gas heaterWhen we say a vent free heater is more efficient it means that almost all of the gas gets transformed into heat. This is only possible because of the advanced technology using the gas mixing chambers and other features that help to give the best and cleanest fuel burning possible. The main benefits of vent-free gas heaters is that there is practically no fuel wastage and this is good both for the environment as well as savings to your monthly gas bill. On the contrary your conventional heaters are less efficient and it just means that not all the gas is converted to heat and with as much as 25 percent being wasted in some heaters in which warm air escapes.

Ventless gas heaters including gas fireplace are a good choice for many homeowners without any venting system and who don’t intend to build one either.These are the people who care much about environment protection and are concerned about the harm caused by too much carbon monoxide.

Vent Free Heaters – What To Look For When Buying

Ventless gas heaters come in three different types and they are fueled by either gas, electricity or gel. When purchasing such heaters don’t over focus on the best or the cheapest deals in town but know that safety is one of the most important considerations first and foremost. Check that the room that you are placing your direct vent gas heater is big enough to use.

The minimum size space would be indicated in the specifications of the appliance provided by the manufacturer and you must ensure that your room size is big enough. The reason why this is so important is because we want to avoid any possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning in the room. In addition you may also want to install a good oxygen depletion sensor to ensure that there are no health complications when using it.

Here’s a great guide to installation.

Different Types of Vent Free Gas Heaters

There is a good variety of gas heaters vent free available for you to choose from if you are looking for one for your home.You can find gas wall heater, standing heaters, garage ventless gas heaters or portable gas space heaters quite easily.

Ventless Gas Heaters – A Known Disadvantage

A vent free gas heater has a known disadvantage and that is it releases water vapor during the burning process. As a result of this, you may expect some objects placed near the heater and surrounding areas like your walls will become damp.

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