Hello world!

Hello world! seems an appropriate title for the first post on my new blog site. This site will generally be an article site providing useful and actionable information about general everyday situations that family’s encounter, including reviews of new and useful appliances. Lifehacks for the home, if you will.

Hopefully, all visitors will find something of use on the pages herein. I will certainly have failed if visitors find absolutely nothing.

First of all I am going to suggest everyone opens a free ebay account and uses it regularly to dispose of items that they no longer need. There is a significant built in inertia preventing most family’s from disposing of items that they have acquired over the years but no longer need. These items might include old lamps, old toys or bits and bobs of old furniture.

I know this is something that my family struggles with. We have three growing children and their old toys have both practical and sentimental value, but, the children have now grown out of them and it is better to pass them on to another family who will value them in turn.

Ebay is perhaps the best way to realise value in these items. It only takes a few minutes to set up an auction for an item. Set one up, wait a week and then if everything has gone to plan, wrap it up and send it on to the next eager owner. What could be easier and better than that?

So the first piece of advice I am going to give you is to open that ebay account today and start to release some of the value contained in those household items that you no longer want or need.

And that is it for the first post on my new site. Hope you enjoyed it and please leave a comment if you have anything to add. Thanks for visiting and for reading this far.

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