Retro Kitchen Design with Modern Materials and Plumbing

retro kitchen

There are a few things in retro kitchen design that are still applicable today. Consider the plumbing. You are often going to find some sort of copper repipe is necessary. Copper repiping gives you better durability and corrosion resistance than the old anodized or zinc coated steel pipes. Knowing where to invest your money wisely allows you the freedom to have a lot more fun with your kitchen decor without necessarily spending a lot of money.

Of course, in a vintage kitchen, you’re going to see a lot of laminate and vinyl. At the time they were novelties, and at the height of fashion. However, since they are so cheap now they just tend to look quite dated. However, there are still some fun ways that you can bring this into your room. You can look for your favorite patterns, and then just print them off and turn them into artwork, or even look for vintage inspired wallpaper of this type. This is a way that you can still get a kitschy element to a room that still uses a lot of the more popular flooring choices and granite counter-tops.

One of the more daring options would just be to use these more modern materials in fun color palettes. You can even find granite with red veins in it. You will need to consider the resell value of your home just because granite is one of your more expensive materials and so you usually want to choose a color that has mass appeal for everyone.

When shooting for a retro kitchen look, just remember that you don’t have to do everything the way it was back then. Many of the components behind the scenes can, and should, be modern. This way you can have the look you want, but the reliability that modern materials and engineering bring to the table.

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